20 feb. 2011

Conchuda Mixtape Vol. 3

Recièn salido del horno

¡Que lo disfruten!

1. The Raveonettes, Twilight
2.Smith Westerns, We stay out
3. Broadcast, America's Boy
4. Joy Division, Digital
5. Arcade Fire vs Blondie
6. Goldfrap, Number 1
7. Neon Indian, Deadbeat Summer
8. Gorillaz, Broken
9. Primal Scream, The Glory of Love
10. Seabear, Wolfboy
11. The Whitest Boy Alive, Burning
12. Pulp, Sorted for e's & wizz
13. Stereolab, Lo boob oscillator
14. My Bloody Valentine, Sometimes
15. Fanatics, I will not be Lonely
16. The Cars, Just what i needed

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